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We have a defined command structure, ranks and specialties within the team.


F.E.M. is fortunate to include Sergeant Juan Esteban Giraldo of the Colombian National Army, expert in urban combat, assuming the role of captain of FEM and tactical instructor for the group. Additionally, Navy Lieutenant RVA, Mario Sergio Gómez, expert in psychological operations, serves as one of the commanders and is responsible for the discipline and training.


We have a defined command structure, ranks and specialties within the team, such as captains, corporals, a communications expert, a medic, infantry, scouts, snipers, artillery, demolition, etc. The training is carefully planned and developed in different areas like CQB (Closed Combat Battle), which is urban combat, maneuvers in the open, communications, etc. These variations allow for an un-paralleled experience, based on realistic and intense simulations.

FEM is a paintball sports team. It is not the intent of FEM to recreate contemporary combat situations, much less advocatewar;the aim is only to develop a thematic military simulation game. We choose to follow the standard operational procedures (SOP) and guidelines laid out by MILSIM of Quebec to capture the essence of tactical battles and strategic warfare. We believe these aspects allow for a framework where a sense of collaboration and unity is a natural result, thus increasing the enjoyment of all team members.

Adherence to honor, integrity, sportsmanship, commitment to the squad and our teammates, and realism at all times, is what sets us apart. The mission is the focus of our attention from the moment we arrivefor training until we leave the battlefield; our main goal remains, no matter the odds we may face during the day.

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members CCOM - SOP Fem Milsim Colombia


members CCOM - SOP Fem Milsim Colombia



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